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We help Entrepreneurs, Foodpreneurs, Edupreneurs, and start-ups to strategically position themselves as a global brand in this digitally aware new normal era. We make the brand differentiate from this noisy market to be bold and heard better.

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It’s not hard to defeat goliath. Let us get you the right sling!

when we hear Goliath’s story we believe goliath is strong, David is weak. Is our belief true? Goliath is weak, he can’t see and David is a very confident competitor(like you) who is happy to be underestimated.

Big brands maybe sometimes feel overwhelming. But we are more than what we believe we are. We are not the underdog, we are their worst nightmare. We are deadly. What we have is a vision to change the world. A mission to impact every audience we meet. We are the “HOPE”, and remember to save this “Word”.

We believe with the right purpose, the real value, and enjoying what we do, we together can create a better world, better life, and better meaning. Are you ready to take what it takes to stand out and challenge the status quo? Perfect! Let us help you to achieve what’s required. Let us get you the right sling

Our Mentors

stephen houraghan - brand strategist

Stephen Houraghan

Brand Strategist | Coach

Rian deiss digital marketer

Ryan Deiss

FOUNDER | DigitalMarketer.com

Chris do Author at blind

Chris Do


Marty Neumeier Global speaker

Marty Neumeier

Author & Global speaker

Anneli hansson brand strategist

Anneli hansson

Brand Strategist

ryan levesque-The Ask method

Ryan Levesque

Author & Marketing Expert

Mr.Ben burns Designer

Ben Burns

Design Strategist

blair enns

Blair Enns

Business Consultant | Speaker | Author

Seth codin-Autor,enterprener

Seth Godin

Entrepreneur | Best-selling author | Speaker

sagi haviv-graphic designer

Sagi Haviv

Graphic Designer

Brain Dean-Seo Expert

Brain Dean

SEO Expert

Neil patel -Seo strategist

Neil patel

SEO Strategist

Matthew encina designer


Creative Director & Flim maker

simon sinek-start with why

simon sinek

author and speaker

yuval noah harari

Yuval Noah Harari

philosopher & author

greg hunn-Animator

greg hunn

Creative Strategist

We are Level C certified

Ravichandran Level c Certified Strategist
Xpressreach Rajeswari Level c Certified
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Brand Strategy

Team Discussion

A brand is a perception of the customer. Since perception of customer is created in the mind, we cannot create a brand. But we can influence the perception. To influence we must understand the customers at root level and then deliver them the experience that they seek through various touchpoints. And finding what these touchpoints are, setting goals of our company, creating a bigger vision, making the team align and work towards the vision, and at the same time keeping the purpose alive is what we do in brand strategy. In short, brand strategy is strategically building all the touchpoints to move your brand from where it is now to where we wish to be.


Design Strategy

Group discussion with team

Design strategy is a crucial element of successful branding. Its what makes your brand distinctive from all your competitor and leaves a lasting impression.

A brand must have a personality in every brand presence. And interaction with every audience, brand presence should be both relevant and differentiated. By defining how brand behaves across touchpoints, we ensure that its presence in the marketplace is cohesive and memorable. We create designs, that’s not only visually engaging, but also meaningful to communicate the Brand’s vision.


Marketing Strategy

Table discussion with planning

Lets strategies your business overall game plan for reaching all the prospects and turn them into your customers and most likely your brand ambassadors?

A great marketing strategy is the marriage of three elements: message, medium, and target. It’s a mathematical formula that can be modelled, well-planned, and strengthened by outstanding thought and creativity. we make sure the math works, then we plan it, roll it out well, measure it with analytics, and bring the disruption.


Application Strategy

live mobile screen wallpaper

A custom-built application can radically transform your organization. It can build brand loyalty, speed up productivity and performance tenfold by creating incredible experiences. To build successful custom apps, you need more than technical know-how—you need the understanding of the challenges faced by both the organization and its users, and a vision for powerful solutions.

Finding it difficult to get your business automated in this digital era? Don’t worry we will understand your business and create the most efficient applications and software to automate your business, So you can concentrate on what you do the best. Lets ZAG!

It’s Time To Redefine Branding

“It’s not about the logo.”

Yes, you heard it right. Branding is not just about logos, colors, and style guides.

The branding industry is broken and entrepreneurs are failing because they get bad advice. Branding isn’t only about the look of a company. It’s about helping a business to succeed. Good branding means a company looks, feels, sounds acts, and connects in a way that makes sense for the audience it plans to reach, the journey they need to go on, and the outcome they want.

A brand is what a people believe about a company, product or service. A brand strategy is a long-term plan, how to get the brand from where it is today to where we wanted it to be in customer’s mind. Its to bridge the “gap” between what our target audience perceives the brand, and how we want them to perceive it. We need to analyze and understand their true needs and wants. And to communicate them how we can solve their problems and transform their life. The brand strategy sets tone for all design and marketing communication.

So ready to transform your business into a more meaningful, more strategic, and more intentional brand?

A team so strong, to tag your business along!



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